Comité de Défense du Vieux Pérouges, Musée de Pérouges, Maison des princes, cité médiévale
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Founded in 1911, the Old Perouges Defence Committee has two main complementary responsibilities:

Restoration of the Mediaeval City, stayed way too long abandoned and damaged by demolition, and its upkeep, respecting its architectures and old building techniques. This role is all about heritage policy.

Cultural activities and entertaining. Considering that only living stones “speak”, the committee has always been organizing events related to history, theatre, music ands art in general. From the “grand éloge de la langue française” of Edouard HERRIOT (1950) to Jean FAVIER’s speech about “Memory and Heritage” (2001), many brilliant events have led Perouges, which Baron was VAUGELAS, famous and first French grammar specialist, to be a true think tank about French history and language.

From the 50ies, thanks to art reviewer DEROUDILLES, and more intensely after 1975, the House of Princes has hosted prestigious artist’s exhibitions, of the greatest painters: and sculptors like. But still, the Committee offers to the public the opportunity to discover other local artists in the “Cazin” House.

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